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Poetry in the Boro

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Scholarly and Creative Achievements of the English Department, 2015-2016

During the 2015-2016 academic year, faculty in English published: 8 books; 28 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters; 5 book reviews; 8 dramatic productions; 29 poems; and 2 short stories. Faculty were active presenting their research across the globe at over 40 professional conferences and 11 keynote/invited lectures/readings. The department also organized and hosted 9 conferences and special events.

Books (in print or forthcoming)
Albakry, Mohammed, co-editor. Tahrir Tales: Plays from the Egyptian Revolution (2016)
Barnett, Claudia. No. 731 Degraw-street, Brooklyn, or Emily Dickinson's Sister: A Play in Two Acts (2015)
Brantley, Will, co-editor. Conversations with Edmund White (forthcoming, 2016)
Gaitely, Patricia. Robicheaux’s Roots: Culture and Tradition in James Lee Burke’s Dave Robicheaux Novels, 2016.
Jackson, Mark Allen, co-editor. Pink Cowboys: Progressive Thought in Country Music (forthcoming 2016)
Helford, Elyce, co-editor. Engaging the Woman Fantastic in Contemporary Media Culture (forthcoming 2016)
Ostrowski, Carl. Literature and Criminal Justice in Antebellum America (forthcoming 2016)
Phillips, Philip Edward (co-editor with Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr.). Vernacular Traditions of Boethius’s De consolatione philosophiae. Kalamazoo, MI: Medieval Institute Publications, 2016.

Peer-reviewed articles and book chapters
Albakry, M. “Translating Egyptian drama for the stage,” in Tahrir Tales: Plays from the Egyptian Revolution, in M. Albakry & R. Maggor, eds. (Calcutta & Chicago: Seagull Books/ University of Chicago Press, 2016), 1-11.
----- . “Telling by omission: Hedging and negative evaluation in academic recommendation letters,” Corpus-based Research in Applied Linguistics, ed. V. Cortez & E. Cosmay (Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2015), 79-98.
----- . & Williams, R. “Whitewashing slavery in New England: Representation of African slaves in historical newspaper discourse,” Journalism and Discourse Studies 1.2 (2016): 1-17.
----- . & Bryan, C. “A little bit transparent with one another: Constructing vulnerability in the evangelical discourse of women preachers,” Culture and Religion: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 16.4 (2015): 392-411.
Badley Linda. Nymphomaniac as Retro Scandinavian Blue.” Journal of Scandinavian Cinema. Special Issue: Sexuality and Scandinavian Cinema 5.2 (2015): 191-204.
----- .  “Cinema as Snuff: From Pre-cinema to Shadow of the Vampire.” Snuff: Real Death and Screen Media. Eds. Neil Jackson, Shaun Kimber, Johnny Walker, and Thomas Joseph Watson. London and New York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015. 241-56.
----- .  “‘Fill All My Holes’: Nymphomaniac, Sade, and the (Female) Libertine Body.” Special Issue: Cinema as Provocation. Ekphrasis: Images, Cinema, Media, and Theory 2 (2015): 21-38.
----- . “At the Margins of Taste, In the Mouth of Madness: The Case of Lars von Trier.” Global Fear: International Horror Directors. Eds. Ralph Beliveau and Danny Shipka. London: Intellect Press, 2016. 149-68.
----- . Indie Reframed: Women Filmmakers and Contemporary American Independent Cinema. Edited with Claire Perkins and Michele Schreiber. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2016.
----- . “Down to the Bone: Neo-neorealism and Genre in Contemporary Women’s Indies.” Indie Reframed: Women Filmmakers and Contemporary Independent Cinema. Eds. Linda Badley, Claire Perkins, and Michele Schreiber. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2016.
----- . “Introduction.” With Claire Perkins and Michele Schreiber. Indie Reframed: Women’s Filmmaking and Contemporary American Independent Cinema. Eds. Linda Badley, Claire Perkins, and Michele Schreiber. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2016.
----- . “Performing the Feminine.” Excerpt from “Making the Waves: Cinema as Performance,” in Lars von Trier, by Linda Badley. Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2010. Reprinted in Lars von Trier’s Women. Eds. Rex Butler and David Denny. London and New York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2016.
Bachman, Maria K. “Evoctive Objects: A Tale of Two Lockets,” Dickens Quarterly (March 2016): 38-54.
Blackwell, Aleka Akoyunoglou and Wang, Ling. “Effects of Dual Coded Multimedia Instruction Employing Image Morphing on Learning a Logographic Language.” Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia 24.3 (July 2015): 281-313.
----- . “Conversing With Kael: Atlanta 1979, and Beyond.” In Talking About Pauline Kael: Critics, Filmmakers, and Scholars Remember an Icon. Ed. Wayne Stengel. New York: Rowman & Littlefield, 2015. 239-45.
Brantley, Will. “Letter-Writing, Authorship, and Southern Women Modernists.” In The Oxford Handbook to the Literature of the U.S. South. Eds. Fred Hobson and Barbara Ladd. New York: Oxford UP, 2016. 344-60.
Jackson, Mark. “‘Rolling Down the Line’: John Lomax’s First Tennessee Prison Records,” Tennessee Folklore Bulletin.
Kaufman, Amy. “Touching Arthur.”Arthuriana 25.4 (2015).
King, Becky. “’Ceaselessly losing our identities:’ Psychic Rupture in William Morris’s ‘King Arthur’s Tomb.’” Arthuriana (forthcoming 2016).
Lavery, David. “Preface” to “Returning to the Red Room: Twin Peaks at 25.” Ed. by Ross Garner and Karra Shimabukuro. Cinema Journal 55.3 (2016): 117-18.
----- . “Preface” to Return to Twin Peaks: New Approaches to Theory & Genre in Television. Edited by Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock and Catherine Spooner. New York: Palgrave-McMillan, 2015. ix-xii.
Neth, Michael. “A Committee of One: Shelley’s Pre-Emptive Self-Censorships in the Draft Manuscripts of Laon and Cythna and Legal Censorship of the Press,” Publishing, Editing, Reception: Essays in Honor of Donald H. Reiman. Newark, DE: University of Delaware Press, 2015.
Murphy, Kevin. “Queering Heterosexuality: Rewriting Oedipal Structures in Lewis Nordan’s Sugar Mecklin Stories.” Mississippi Quarterly 67.1 (2014): 31-52.
Pantelides, Kate. “Dissertation Genre Change.” Across the Disciplines 12 (3) 2015. Web.
----- . “Metagenre on the WPA-L: Transitional Threads as Nexus for Micro/Macro-level Discourse on the Dissertation.” Composition Forum 31 (2015) Web.
Phillips, Philip Edward. “The English Tradition of Boethius’s De consolatione philosophiae with a Checklist of Translations.” Vernacular Traditions of Boethius’s De consolation philosophiae. Edited by Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr. and Philip Edward Phillips. Kalamazoo, Michigan: Medieval Institute Publications, 2016. 221-249.
----- . “Elmira Royster (Shelton).” Edgar Allan Poe through 20 Objects in the Collection of Susan Tane. Edited by Gabrielle Dean and Richard Kopley. Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins University Press, forthcoming Fall 2016.
Therrien, Kathleen. “‘One Would Die Rather Than Speak… About Such Subjects’: Exploring Class, Gender, and Hegemony in Anya Seton’s Dragonwyck.Teaching Tainted Lit: Popular American Fiction in Today’s Classroom. Ed. Janet G. Casey. University of Iowa Press, 2015.

Short Fiction
Castelo, Ethan. “Sweet Briar Crossing.” The Journal, a Literary Magazine. 39.3 (Summer 2015). Lumpkin, David. “While We Waited,” The Sun. (June 2015).

Brewer, Gaylord. 27 poems published in such journals as Atlanta Review, Big Muddy, Briar Cliff Review, The Cape Rock, Carolina Quarterly, Chapter 16, Connecticut River Review, Epoch, Georgia Review, Hawai’i Review, Iodine Poetry Journal, The Kerf, Number One, Potomac Review, River Styx, 2nd & Church, Skylight 47 (Ireland), Spillway, Sugar House Review, Tacoma Literary Review.
Knox, Alvin. “Hunger,” 2nd & Church. (January 2016).
Peterson, Bob. “Callander Days,” Literature Today: An International Journal of Contemporary Literature 4 (October 2015): 10.

Barnett, Claudia. Production (full-length). Witches Vanish. Venus Theatre, Laurel, MD, August- September 2015.
Barnett, Claudia. Productions: Short Plays
Absent Grace. SHOBI College of Music, Tokyo, Japan, March 2016.
Absent Grace. Niagara University Short Play Festival, Niagara Falls, NY, January 2016.
Absent Grace. Readers Theatre Repertory’s She Said, He Said: Love & Life, without a Net. Portland, OR, May 2015.
Absent Grace. Oswego High School Play Festival. Oswego, NY, May 2015.
Lillie Meant Murder. Roger Williams University’s Barn Summer Playhouse. Bristol, RI, June 2015.
Till Death. UCSB Studio Theatre. Santa Barbara, CA, November 2015.
Barnett, Claudia. Staged reading (full-length). Witches Vanish. University of Pittsburgh. March 2016.

Book Reviews
Casal, Elvira. Review of D.A. Hadfield and Jean Reynolds, eds., Shaw and Feminisms: On Stage and Off. Gainesville: U of Florida Press. Victoriographies–Journal of Nineteenth-Century Writing (Fall 2016).
Hixon, Martha. Review of Ethics and Form in Fantasy Literature by Lykke Guanio-Uluru. Palgrave /MacMillan, 2015. The Lion and the Unicorn (Summer 2016).
Jackson, Mark. John Lennon’s Boxcar Politics: The Hobo in U.S. Culture and Literature, Journal of American History.
McDaniel, Rhonda. Review of John Calvin as Sixteenth-Century Prophet, by Jon Balserak, Sixteenth- Century Journal.
----- . Review of Hagiography in Anglo-Saxon England: Adopting and Adapting Saints’ Lives into Old English Prose, eds. Loredana Lazzari et al., Peritia: Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland 25 (2015): 267.

Editorships of Academic Journals and Book Series
Badley, Linda, General Editor (with R. Barton Palmer), Traditions in World Cinema, Edinburgh University Press.
----- . Traditions in American Cinema (with R. Barton Palmer), Edinburgh University Press. Bachman, Maria K., Co-editor. Victorians Institute Journal.
Lavery, David, Co-editor. Slayage: The Journal of the Whedon Studies Association.
Neth, Michael, Associate Editor, The Complete Poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley.


Albakry, M. “Power relations and ideology in multilingualism: Analyzing the linguistic landscape of Morocco,” South Eastern Conference on Linguistics (SECOL 83), New Orleans, Louisiana, March 2016.
----- . “Text, context, & politics intersections in translation,” American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) Conference, Tucson, Arizona, October 2015.
Badley, Linda. “Guns and Dogme: Danish Takes on the American Western.” Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies, New Orleans, April 2016.
----- . “Guns and Dogme: Danish Takes on the American Western.” Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies, New Orleans, April 2016.
Barger, Julie. “Re-envisioning Research Writing as Teaching Relationships between Readers and Texts through Metacognition,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston, TX.
----- . “Promoting Engaged Reading and Responsible Research in the First-Year Composition Classroom through Metacognitive Reading & Writing Blogs,” MTWP Spring Mini- Conference.
Blackwell, Aleka. “Employing cluster analysis in assessing vocabulary knowledge and targeting intervention,” Texas Language Education Research Conference San Antonio, Texas, February 2016.
----- . & Cooper, Jennifer. “Rethinking lexical categories in vocabulary testing: The case for verbs” (Poster Presentation). Texas Language Education Research Conference, San Antonio, Texas, February 2016.
Brantley, Will (with Dick Cavett, Thomas Keith, and Stuart Noel), “Tennessee Williams and His Contemporaries,” 30th Anniversary of the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, April 2016.
Dubek, Laura. “White History Week: James Baldwin’s Modest Proposal and the Liberation of Atticus Finch,” Popular Culture Association (National) Conference in Seattle, March 2016.
Hibbard, Allen. “Paul Bowles: Translating from Tangier,” Translation in Exile. International Centre for Literature in Translation, Brussels, December 2015.
Hixon, Martha. “My Mother, Myself: Mother-Daughter Conflicts in ‘Snow White,’” International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Orlando, Florida, March 2016,
----- . “Backstories and Subtexts: Disney’s Self-Referentiality and the Story Behind the Story,” Children’s Literature Association’s 2016 conference, Columbus, OH, June 2016.
Hollings, Marion. “Ye dayntye Nymphs, that in this blessed Brooke doe bathe”: Rivers, Muses and Celebration of Sorority in Spenser’s Poems and Dedications,” South Central Renaissance Society, St. Louis, Missouri, March 2016.
----- .  “In her thou maist them all assembled see”: Alice, Countess of Derby, and the Early Modern Poetic Community,” Fifteenth Triennial International Courtly Literature Congress, Lexington, Kentucky, July 2016.
Holtzclaw, Bob. “Groucho Marx on TV: You Bet Your Life and Beyond,: Popular Culture Association in the South Conference in October 2015, Wilmington NC.
Hudson, Brett. “The Early Modern Prison in Milton’s Paradise Lost,” Conference on John Milton, MTSU, October 2015.
----- . “Heroes and Villains: Textual Responses to Radical Religious Violence in Venner’s Rebellion,” South Central Renaissance Conference, St. Louis, MO, March 2016.
Kaufman, Amy. “Malory’s Women: Radical Subjects,” 51st International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2016.
----- . “White Knights and Caliphate Lions: Romancing Violence in the Twenty-First Century,” 15th Biennial Romance in Medieval Britain Conference, Vancouver, Canada, August 2016.
Levine, Bill. “How William Collins Encounters, Supplements, and Redirects James Thomson’s Anglo-Scottish Cultural Inheritance,: Western Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Meeting, Riverside, CA, February 2016.
----- . “Jazz knowledge in the Historical Production of Nashville Music,” International Country Music Conference, Belmont University, Nashville, May 2016.
McDaniel, Rhonda. “A Puzzling Performance: The Paschal Hand of Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Bodley 579, 49r,” 2016 MARCO Manuscript Workshop, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, February 2016.
----- . “The Muddled Paschal Hand of Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley 579 (The Leofric Missal,” 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2016.
Murphy, Kevin (with Donnie McMahand), “‘Whose music was it?’: Unaccountable Art and Uncontainable Sex in Welty’s ‘June Recital’ and Hughes’s ‘Home’” South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Durham, NC, November 2015.
Ostrowski, Carl. “Criminal Biography, Race, and Prison Reform in Antebellum Chaplains’ Memoirs,” American Literature Association Conference, May 2016.
Pantelides, Kate. “Constructions of Ethos in Asynchronous Digital Communities,” Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis Conference, Valenica, Spain, November 2015.
----- . “The Well-Tempered WPA: Constructions of Women’s Work,” Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference, Tempe, October 2015.
----- . “Critical Discourse Analysis of a Common Campus Genre: Timely Warning,” Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, Houston, TX, 2016.
Petersen, Bob. “Elizabeth Strickland’s Life of Mary II (1848): Rereading the Glorious Revolution from the Perspective of a Victorian Woman Historian.” 18th and 19th Century British Women Writers Conference. New York, June 2015.
----- . “The Consumption of Visual Culture in George Moore’s Confessions of a Young Man (1888).” South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina. November 2015.
----- . “Portrait of a Gentleman: Henry James’ Preface to Rupert Brooke’s Letters from America (1916).” The 44th Annual Louisville Conference on Literature & Culture since 1900. Louisville, Kentucky, February 2016.
Phillips, Philip Edward. “Resources for the Study of Poe and Baudelaire at the W.T. Bandy Center.” The Poe Studies Association’s Fourth International Edgar Allan Poe Conference, New York, 2015.
Shapiro, Aaron. “Ken Cosgrove and His Problems: Mad Men and the Staging of Literature.” Mad Men: The Conference, MTSU, May 2016.
Therrien, Kathleen. “’I Am Burning Ugliness’: Class Position and Literary Form in Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Lynda Barry’s One Hundred Demons.” Society for the Study of American Women Writers Triennial Conference, Philadelphia PA, 2015.
Tormey, Warren. “Understanding the Appeal of the ‘Penitent Predator’ Narrative” Popular Culture Association of the South Conference, Wilmington NC, October 2015.
----- . “‘On what thou hast of vertue, summon all’: Claiming Hortulian Virtues in Paradise Lost, “2015 Conference on John Milton, MTSU, October 2015.
----- . “Confronting the Demonic in the Anglo-Saxon Patristic Tradition, ” Southeast Medieval Association Conference, Little Rock, AR, October 2015.
----- . “Magical (and Maligned) Blacksmiths,” 2016 Tucson Medieval Symposium, April 2016. White, Laura. “Mapping Modes of Inhabitance in Henrietta Rose-Innes’ Rock Alphabet,” British Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference, Savannah, GA, February 2016.
----- . “Environmental Justice and the Cartographic Imagination in South African Fiction,” African Literature Association Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA, April 2016.

Keynote Addresses, Invited Lectures, and Readings

Badley, Linda. (Keynote Speaker). “‘Fill All My Holes’: Nymph()maniac as Sadeian Discourse.” 2nd Ekphrasis Conference on Cinema and Visual Culture: Art as Provocation, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, May 2015.
Barger, Julie. (Invited speaker). “From TTU to Tenure-Track You” event, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN.
Brewer, Gaylord. Poetry reading; poetry workshop. Southern Literary Festival, MTSU, March 2016.
----- . Poetry reading; poetry workshop. Meacham Writers’ Workshop, UT-Chattanooga, October 2015.
----- . Poetry reading. Creative Writing Speaker Series, UT Knoxville, October 2015.
----- . Poetry reading. Southern Festival of Books. Nashville Public Library, October 2015.
----- . Poetry reading. Muskingum University, New Concord, OH, September 2015.
----- . Poetry reading. Capital University, Bexley, OH, September, 2015.
----- . Poetry reading. West Virginia Wesleyan Low-Residency MFA Program, Buckhannon, WV, July 2015.
Jackson, Mark. (Invited Lecture). “Woodie Guthrie as Political Humorist,” University of Tulsa’s Oklahoma Center for the Humanities, March 2016.
Lavery, David. (Keynote Speaker).“The Plan is Death: Imagining the End with James Tiptree, Jr.” Apocalypse: Exploring Dystopianism in Texts Conference, University of North Alabama, February 2016.

Interview. “Gaylord Brewer on Country of Ghost.” October 2015 (

Conferences and Special Events
Conference on John Milton Conference—October 2015
12th Biennial International Holocaust Studies Conference— October 2015
A Reading by Playwright/Poet Kia Corthron — February 2016
An Evening of Poetry with Ada Limon — February 2016
Community Dialogue Speaker Series – February and April 2016
Virginia Peck Composition Series—March 2016
The Southern Literary Festival—March 2016
MTSU Linguistics Olympiad—April 2016
Mad Men: The Conference—May 2016

Blackwell Coaches USA at the International Linuguistics Olympiad

Dr. Blackwell
The USA teams at the International Linguistics Olympiad, coached by the English Department's Dr. Aleka Blackwell, won a number of medals.

Every USA team member earned a medal or honorable mention, and one of Dr. Blackwell’s teams won the top prize in the team competition.

You can find the results here. The Olympiad's press release is here​.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Francis, Lupo, Thurston Secure Teaching Positions

Three individuals who secured graduate degrees in English at MTSU recently secured full-time positions:
  • Dr. James Francis (Ph.D, 2010) has joined the faculty at Texas A&M.
  • Janice Lupo (M.A., 2010) will be teaching at Tennessee State in Nashville.
  • Jonathan Thurston (M.A, 2016) has become a member of the English Department at Pellisippi State Community College in Knoxville, TN.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

English Faculty Win Awards

Kates | Kaufman | Brewer
Three English faculty won prestigious awards from the MTSU Foundation at the Fall 2016 annual meeting of the faculty.

  • Dr. Jennifer Kates--Outstanding Teaching in General Education
  • Dr. Amy Kaufman--Outstanding Research
  • Dr. Gaylord Brewer--Outstanding Creative Activity

New Faculty Books

New and forthcoming books from English Department faculty include:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

"The Woman Fantastic" to be Published

In 2012 the MTSU English Department hosted “Catwoman to Katniss: Villainesses and Heroines in Science Fiction.” The conference was organized by doctoral students Mick Howard, Sarah Gray, and Shiloh Carroll, all three of whom are now teaching full time (Howard and Gray at Langston University in Oklahoma; Carroll at Tennessee State). Now that conference has become a book to be published by the University Press of Mississippi, co-edited by the original conference organizers and the English Department's Dr. Elyce Helford. Read all about it below. Pre-order it from Amazon here.

Although the last three decades have offered a growing body of scholarship on images of fantastic women in popular culture, these studies either tend to focus on one particular variety of fantastic female (the action or sci-fi heroine), or on her role in a specific genre (villain, hero, temptress). This edited collection strives to define the “Woman Fantastic” more fully. The Woman Fantastic may appear in speculative or realist settings, but her presence is always recognizable. Through futuristic contexts, fantasy worlds, alternate histories, or the display of superpowers, these insuperable women challenge the laws of physics, chemistry, and/or biology.

In chapters devoted to certain television programs, adult and young adult literature, and comics, contributors discuss feminist negotiation of today’s economic and social realities. Senior scholars and rising academic stars offer compelling analyses of fantastic women from Wonder Woman and She-Hulk to Talia Al Ghul and Martha Washington; from Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series to Cinda Williams Chima’s The Seven Realms series; and from Battlestar Gallactica’s female Starbuck to Game of Thrones’s Sansa and even Elaine Barrish Hammond of USA’s Political Animals. This volume furnishes an important contribution to ongoing discussions of gender and feminism in popular culture.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Wise, Lute, and Howard Complete Ph.D.'s

Lavery, Wise, Howard, Hollings
At today's MTSU Summer Graduation, Ph.D. degrees were conferred on Dr. Michelle Wise (hooded by Dr. David Lavery), Dr. Mick Howard (hooded by Dr. Marion Hollings), and Dr. Khristeena Lute (unable to attend--Dr. Pat Bradley was her director),

All three are in tenure-track, full-time positions: Wise at Tennessee State, Howard at Langston University (in Oklahoma), and Lute at State University of New York Adirondack.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Once and Future Milton Conference

Charles W. Durham, 2009 Milton Conference featured speaker William Shullenberger,
co-directors Kristin A. Pruitt and Kevin Donovan
Dr. Kevin Donovan reports that an article in the current issue of Milton Quarterly, "Milton in Murfreesboro," offers a history of MTSU's Conference on John Milton. The piece was authored by Kris Pruitt and Charley Durham, former co-directors with Dr. Donovan. 

Donovan also reports that the University of Alabama's David Ainsworth, together with colleagues at other institutions, will be taking over and keeping the conference alive. They will be announcing a call for papers for a conference in October 2017, continuing the practice of convening in October of odd numbered years. Some travel stipends to graduate student presenters will likely be available

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Laverytory: Upcoming NPR Appearance

The Laverytory: Upcoming NPR Appearance

Johnson Off to Oklahoma

Margaret A. Johnson, a doctoral candidate in English (she is currently completing her dissertation on Carson MCullers under the direction of Dr. Will Brantley), has accepted a full-time, tenure-track job at Langston University in Oklahoma.

Johnson will be joining MTSU's Dr. Mick Howard at Langston.

Margaret Johnson

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gaitely's Book Published

Dr. Patricia Gaitely's book on the novels of Louisiana writer James Lee Burke's novels is now available. Order it from L.S.U. Press here or from Amazon here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rachel Brooks Travels to Liverpool

Last month, M.A. student Rachel Brooks presented her working thesis at the Theorising the Popular Conference in Liverpool, England. The conference spanned two days and featured the work of students and professors alike from many international backgrounds. Rachel was honored to be a part of this engaging academic experience. (Photo: Liverpool Hope University, Eden Building).

Brooks' thesis, currently titled "I Loooove Women: Louis C.K.'s Deconstruction of Romance Norms in the Media," examines comedian Louis C.K. (Louis Szekely) through the lenses of popular romance tropes, sex and gender studies, as well as specific elements of comedy and the philosophy of absurdism. Drawing from a number of sources, her research explores expectations found in popular media and explores the background of the critical response to Louis C.K.'s absurdist skits and scenarios found in both his show and stand-up comedy acts.

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Founding Directors of the English Department's Writing Center

This photo from 1996 (best guess) shows the founding Directors of the English Department Writing Center, Kelly Thacker (McKee) and Margaret Ordoubadian, for whom the (now) University Writing Center is named.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Thurston, Lute, Ettehadieh Complete Their Degrees

Dr. Lute
Three candidates for graduate degrees have successfully completed the requirements for their work.

On July 8th, Jonathan Thurston successfully defended his M.A. thesis, "Horse-Handling in Shakespeare’s Poems and Renaissance Codes of Conduct." Dr. Marion Hollings directed the thesis, and Dr. Kevin Donovan served as reader.

Dr. Ettehadieh

On July 11th, Dr. Khristeena Lute successfully defended her dissertation Between Grace and Grit: Modernity, Liminality, and Grace KingDr. Pat Bradley served as chair, and Drs. Mischa Renfroe and Ellen Donovan were her readers.

And July 12th saw the successful defense of Dr. Brandi Williamson Ettehadieh's "Then it's a lie, of course": Lying, Secrecy, and Deceit within Selected Works of Horatio Alger, Jr., directed by Dr. Renfroe. Drs. Carl Ostrowski and David Lavery served as readers.